At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
  • Kuromon commitment Sampei salted salmon
  • From fresh fish gather Kuromon market of Kansai
  • We offer a lot of fish rice accompany and liquor
  • Dismantling show of tuna also have been held
  • Seafood bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of popular menu

Kuromon Sanpei daily blog

Akashi of sea bream!

Everyone、Good morning。 In 3 consecutive holidays from today、一足先に夏休み気分となっている子供たちも多いのでは?? お天気もよくすぎるぐらいよくって、7/16There is also but that Marine Day、 It is going to be a great sea weather。 However、Since the really hot、Please earnestly be careful to heatstroke。   では本日のおすすめをご紹介します~ ■明石産 天然真鯛 1尾/¥7500 ■明石産 天然真鯛切身 1パック/¥2300~ 明石の天然鯛です! 明石の鯛はおいしい!別格だといわれます。 Sea bream grow in Akashi Akashi of sea bream intense the flow of the tide in Thailand for、 Well Toka I'm such because the movement only is closed。 Firm is strong sweetened with only! Please have a taste。 ■北海道産 北寄貝 1個/¥1000 大きなサイズが入荷しましたー!! 握りこぶし以上?あるでしょうか?! 元気に水をぴゅーぴゅー吹いてます笑 本日もみなさまのご来店お待ちしております

Everyone、Good morning。 It's hot every day! ! But、Last night was better Nere relatively cool well。 You are in the'd say I wish me to become cool just at least night。 Please be careful to heat stroke during the day。     In Introducing the recommendations of today ~ ■ Shizuoka Prefecture red snapper 1 fish / ¥ 5600 ■ is Isagi red snapper and now is the season with Nagasaki Prefecture Isagi 1 fish / ¥ 1380 year stock。 Red snapper than anything boiled! Although in but First you think of as a typical cuisine、Fresh is recommended sashimi。 Sashimi of seasonal Isagi is said to taste comparable to that of sea bream。 ■ Nagasaki Prefecture tiger puffer (aquaculture) 1 fish / ¥ 5000 but has a cute face、Blowfish you have a deadly poison。 Not supposed to be able to judge and do not have a cooking license of blowfish。 Cold winter months is Tetchiri is delicious、 Since this time is indeed hot summer、It recommends Tessa to be and refreshing eat。 ■ Kanikko 1 pack / ¥ 600 cute package ♪ we are saying is carelessly eyes。 Definitely be pleased to souvenir! ! We also look forward to everyone of your visit today。

Summer Hamo!

Everyone、Good morning。 I am not like to sleep in Tsukeppanashi a ... much air conditioning was also woke up hot again and again last night、 How you can sleep with the fan on swing、Do not soon or limit? ! To wake up even worse、's a lack of sleep celebrated the morning you do not clean ...。 It is what you want to be sleeping neat somehow tonight。   In will introduce recommendations of today。 ■ I have never seen a figure which Hyogo Prefecture active Hamo 1 fish / 2200 yen pike eel is swimming? But、 If you encounter in the sea、We must hurry! Long appearance lol It's just like a snake、It has been a fierce face。 However、It is such a pike eel, but is representative of the summer of taste in Kansai! ■ ubiquitous Tokushima Prefecture is also speaking of 1 pack / ¥ 780 and Hamo、Ubiquinol is。 Hamo is fish-consuming effort required under process of bone cut、 Is that the minute that delicious。 Other、It will be entertained with tempura and grilled eel。 ■ Nagasaki Prefecture Ken Saki cuttlefish one animal / ¥ point of a sword squid, which was closely entered the 2000 box。 新鮮なものはぜひ刺身でいただきたい! お造りへの調理もいたします。 Please tell us to staff those who wish。   We also look forward to everyone of your visit today。  

Kuromon Mihira is in Osaka "Naniwa kitchen Kuromon market of"、The seafood of Kansai。At Osaka department store、We are open as a specialty store of salmon and roe。
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