At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
  • Kuromon commitment Sampei salted salmon
  • From fresh fish gather Kuromon market of Kansai
  • We offer a lot of fish rice accompany and liquor
  • Dismantling show of tuna also have been held
  • Seafood bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of popular menu

Kuromon Sanpei daily blog

Dried peeled shrimp

Everyone、Good morning。 Rain will have fallen Nihonbashi Osaka。 In a little chilly that thanks、It is attendance wore one today。 Next month, but is slightly rising even be a little tension in such a day is followed I would Naa-rain、Also I'll do my best to healthy today! ! In Introducing the recommendations of today ~ ■ coming season as a soup of Setouchi production Dried peeled shrimp 300g / ¥ 3800 Somen、Likely peeled shrimp made many turn。 And it can also be used, such as cooked food、You're free to eat as it is。 But I your high when compared to the imports in the fact that domestic、Again color also is good to taste may be! Please taste all means the dry matter specific condensed sweetness。 ■ Ehime Prefecture snapper fillets 1 pack / ¥ 1200 ~ ■ Kochi Prefecture red snapper fillets 1 pack / ¥ 1000 ~ but you eat is also possible in the sea bream and red snapper of the switching sell itself - the store for sashimi、How is it also to dish dinner?

Seafood Katsuumi

Everyone、Good morning。 But is also good weather ♪ today、Tomorrow is like rain。 Your laundry want to masquerade in today Toko。 I guess would enter the rainy season in the meantime。   In Introducing the recommendations of today! ■ Nagasaki Prefecture puffer Te' of 1 pack / ¥ 2800 strong sweetness features tiger puffer。 Beautiful thin build feel the cool ~ ■ is slightly smaller size abalone than Korean Abalone 1 / ¥ 1500 palm。 There also yo boiled abalone of homemade can in sashimi on the spot! ■ Awaji production Umazurahage 1 fish / ¥ 1800 well great If you think naming。I'm delicious even ... bald Umazura。 刺身は肝醤油でいただきたい! 本日もみなさまのご来店お待ちしております。  

Sashimi you get lost -

Everyone、Good morning。 No, no,、If it ... today that is trying to be another lunch try out the shop at 10 o'clock、 Long line to register、It was full of customers about not take hamstrung。 Because it is、It may mean that shifted a little time。 Sometimes it is still noon before and after lunch、Crowded。 If you enjoy the slowly shopping、It is around the evening is recommended。   Let's introduce the recommendations of today! ! ■ Nagasaki Prefecture Isagi sashimi 1 pack / ¥ 850 Speaking of fish to represent the summer、Isagi! Including sashimi、Meuniere and fly also you can eat very delicious。 It looks not look delicious? ! (I think I my only?), But I、 Fat is not and refreshing while Nisato has been said to be comparable to the sea bream。 ■ Nagasaki Prefecture Isagi 1 fish / ¥ 1000 such Isagi is also available for sale appearance。 ■ Ehime Prefecture Suma sashimi 1 pack / ¥ 1280 followed by the Suma of sashimi! ! It is delicious - the other day was the first time to eat! ! If you express the taste in one word is "super bonito"。 It was more fat feeling of that riding flavor bonito in the meat, such as bonito。 Aftertaste in spite of the fat is riding has a clean。 ■ Kumamoto Prefecture Ishigaki sea bream sashimi 1 pack / ¥ 1500 there is a mortar building - taste of Ishigaki sea bream、There is also a sweet fish。 Because it does not so much appear、There is worth to eat If you see! We also look forward to everyone of your visit today。  

Kuromon Mihira is in Osaka "Naniwa kitchen Kuromon market of"、The seafood of Kansai。At Osaka department store、We are open as a specialty store of salmon and roe。
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