At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
  • Kuromon commitment Sampei salted salmon
  • From fresh fish gather Kuromon market of Kansai
  • We offer a lot of fish rice accompany and liquor
  • Dismantling show of tuna also have been held
  • Seafood bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of popular menu

Kuromon Sanpei daily blog

Eastern little tuna

Everyone、Good morning。 Today was a cold rain to return a little cold。 It lasted a Zu' from morning。 This month is the time to graduation、I think that there are many graduation ceremony、 The local elementary school yesterday、Warm in the cheerful、Graduation ceremony was done。 Toward the wonderful future、I want to do my best。 I also do my best(Lol)   In will introduce recommendations of today。 ■愛媛県産 スマ(養殖) 1尾/¥13000 ■愛媛県産 スマ切身(養殖) 1パック/¥3000 大トロのような脂っぽいお魚が好きな方にはぜひ食べてもらいたいスマ! 全身トロといわれるスマはクセもなくお気に入りになること間違いなし?! ■長崎県産 イサギ造り 1パック/¥1500 いさぎの姿造りです~ イサギの入荷がちょくちょくと増えてきました■兵庫県産 ほたるいかボイル 1パック/¥380 新物ほたるいか! この時期だけのお楽しみ。It is the spring of taste。 Please enjoy Sumiso of accessories。   We welcome everyone of your visit today -

Broiled is delicious! !

Everyone、Good morning。 今日は朝からいいお天気♪しかも暖かい♪ 自然とテンションも上がります!! そろそろ明るい色の春服をきておでかけしたいですね~ 今日も元気に頑張りましょう!! では本日のおすすめをご紹介します■福岡県産 あぶりカマス 1パック/¥880 ■長崎県産 あぶり甘鯛 1パック/¥1980 今日一番に目についたのはこの炙りの切身!! 表面をすこし炙っただけで、The changes to the different texture。 It also piqued the appetite appearance。 It served as this remains sashimi。 ■ today Tokushima Prefecture red abalone 1 / ¥ 1500 will be cut to your sashimi from our - your order has arrived is red abalone。 ■ Fukui Prefecture active squid 1 fish / ¥ 3500 will judge to order from us。 It is quickly transformed into a figure-building。 Since the judgment freshly、まだぴくぴくと動いておりました~ 本日もみなさまのご来店お待ちしております!!

again! Active squid

Everyone、Good morning。 It seems to be in 20 ℃ close to raise the temperature To steadily today。 It is be no need even outerwear in warm cheerful days。 I wonder would be pleasant When you eat lunch caught a leisure sheet with a large park is such a day。 次のお休みはお外で過ごそう! では本日のおすすめをご紹介します~ ■福井県産 ヤリイカ 1尾/¥3500 前回好評だった活ヤリイカ! 活きたまま仕入れてきていますので、Freshness is definitely! Fresh itself! We cooked to sashimi to order from us。 ■ Aichi Prefecture white mill shell 1 / ¥ 2500 strange form of white mill shellfish。 While impact is too strong、I know quite a popular person! We eat the part that extended water tube rather than this length over as sashimi。 まだ未経験な方!一度ご賞味あれ!! ■焼さば 1尾/¥700  ふっくらと焼き上がっております。It is grilled mackerel。 In great with rice would only rice to eat anything full of mackerel! This side dish fish。   We welcome everyone of your visit today -

Kuromon Mihira is in Osaka "Naniwa kitchen Kuromon market of"、The seafood of Kansai。At Osaka department store、We are open as a specialty store of salmon and roe。
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