At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
  • Kuromon commitment Sampei salted salmon
  • From fresh fish gather Kuromon market of Kansai
  • We offer a lot of fish rice accompany and liquor
  • Dismantling show of tuna also have been held
  • Seafood bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of popular menu

Kuromon Sanpei daily blog

Red sea cucumber

Everyone、Good morning。 It was very cold is much chill this morning from last night。 それでも愛犬は散歩となると元気に玄関から飛び出します! 寒さより散歩なんですね見習わないといけないです・・・ 今日も寒さに負けず1日頑張ります!! では本日のおすすめをご紹介します~ ■三重県産 赤なまこ 1パック/¥1100 ■ロシア産 活ズワイガニ 1杯/¥3800 ■香川県産 ぶり切身 1パック/¥680~ ■香川県産 ぶり刺身 1パック/¥780 冬の海の幸3選!! こんな寒い日はこたつに入って心ゆくまでおいしいものを食べたいですね。   We also look forward to everyone of your visit today。

Que Build

Everyone、Good morning。 Weather is reached in good weather weekend。 However、It followed the severe cold。 Where you want to the firm physical condition management not loosen the mind。 My influenza type B in the peripheral you are rampant ... We spent in fighting spirit that you do not ride in this flow。   In will introduce recommendations of today。 ■ in Nagasaki Prefecture query building 1 pack / ¥ 2800 is a natural Que of sashimi - super I do not think very much。 Although you first come up with query pot Speaking of query、 Please enjoy all means sashimi if a good freshness。 Only a sense of transparency is very beautiful。 ■ Tokushima Prefecture active squid large / ¥ 2800 Small / ¥ 1800 ■ Hyogo Prefecture natural red sea bream 1 fish / ¥ 10000 big auspicious has arrived of ~ frozen raw snow crab、生タラバガニがズラリと並んでします~ 年末年始は家族や友人と少し贅沢にカニをお楽しみください! 本日もみなさまのご来店お待ちしております

New Year-related

Everyone、Good morning。 It also does not pack mood is cold rain ... such a day from the morning today。 Since the Dari stopped or fell in Fortunately light rain、 Commuting time is that little good - that was this without umbrella(Lol)   では気を取り直して今日も元気にがんばりましょう!! ■田作り 1パック/¥380 ■味付け田作り 1パック/¥380 ■さけとにしんのアベック巻き 1パック/¥450 ■にしんの昆布巻き 1パック/¥450 ■にしん一口昆布巻き 1パック/¥450 ■味付け真鱈 1パック/¥650 おせち関連の商品がずらり~ ■煮あわび 1子/¥1600 あつあつの煮アワビです~ ■まぐろカマトロにぎり 1パック/¥2800 朝から準備万端!! まぐろの大トロ「カマトロ」のにぎりです~ 本日もみなさまのご来店お待ちしております~

Kuromon Mihira is in Osaka "Naniwa kitchen Kuromon market of"、The seafood of Kansai。At Osaka department store、We are open as a specialty store of salmon and roe。
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