At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。

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What is ‘Kuromon-ichiba’?

Osaka is called ‘the Gourmet City.’ Kuromon-ichiba is renowned as ‘the Central Kitchen for the Whole Nation’, which means you can obtain whatever food you want there. Kuromon-ichiba originally opened in 1822(the end of the Edo Era). Since then, there have been a variety of stores(total number 180), such as seafood shops, vegetable shops, fruit shops and all kinds of restaurants and cafes. These businesses have been very busy and successful over the years. One of these businesses is Kuromon Sanpei, where we serve you the freshest fish. From time to time, we have ‘a Maguro Show,’ where we cut and fillet a whole tuna fish in front of you. You can enjoy watching how we do it and buy fresh tuna at the same time. Welcome to Kuromon-sanpei!



How to get to Kuromon Sanpei

★Subway Sennichimae Line; Get off at Nihonbashi Station, and depart from gate 10. From the gate, a couple of minutes’ walk to the Kuromon Ichiba.
★Subway Midosuji Line; Transfer at Nanba Station to the Sennichimae Line. Get off at Nihonbashi Station.
★ Loop Line Subway; Transfer at Minamimorimachi Station to the Sakaisuji Line. Get off at Nihonbashi Station.
★From Kansai Airport; Nankai Line; Transfer at Nanba Station to the Sennichimae Line. Get off at Nihonbashi Station. JR Line; Transfer at Nanba Station to the Sennichimae Line. Get off at Nihonbashi Station.

◆ resort Ichiban

Center map




Welcome to Kuromon-sanpei!

Dear Guests,

If you’d like to eat what you’ve bought at Kuromon Sampei, we’ll prepare a table for you. When you need it, please let us know


*This service is available only for the customers who buy things from us.
*Business hours 9:00-18:00



◆You can get a free bowl of akadashi miso soup for each bowl of rice.

Tokuseikaisen-don(Special seafood bowl)
Size Crazy Mega 5,000yen(tax included)
Size Regular 1,200yen(tax included)

Mega 500 × .375Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

It is special bowl of rice.It is tooped with seafood such au fresh raw tuna,scallop,cuttlefish,salmon,salmon eggs,prawns and crabs. You can enjoy a great variety of tasts in one bowl.

Kaisen oyako-Don (海鮮 親子 丼)
900yen(tax included)

Salmon paternity 500 × 375

Oyako-don is one of the most popular bowls of rice cooked in Japanese homes. It is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg. Our kaisen oyako-don is topped with slices of salmon and salmon eggs instead of chicken and egg.

Maguro-don (tuna bowl)
1,200yen(tax included)

This is the most simple Japanese style bowl of rice. It is topped with slices of fresh tuna.

honmaguro-don (this tuna bowl) / chutoro-don(Medium Toro bowl)
honmaguo 1,380yen(tax included)
chutoro 1,980yen(tax included)

Bluefin tunaMedium Toro 500 × 375-2

Chutoro is a rich tuna. Enjoy its rich taste.

Yawarakani built-Don(Soft boiled conger bowl)
☆We won a Kuromon Prize for 2013.2013Year black Monde Selection
1,500yen(tax included)

Boiled conger eel 500 × 375

This is a bowl of rice served with grilled congers. Three grilled congers will be served. You can enjoy three different tastes; simple-cooked, sizzled, and grilled with a rich sweet sauce. Also you can enjoy it soaked in hot tea with wasabi.

Uni-Don haemorrhage(Uniikura bowl)
2,980yen(tax included)

Uniikura 500 × 375

This is a bowl of rice served with the freshest sea urchins and salmon roe. They are delivered directly from Hokkaido.

Unagi-don (special roast eel bowl) = Summer limited sale =
1,800yen(tax included)

Roasted eel 500 × 375

This is a bowl of rice served with grilled eel fish and Japanese style fried egg. We grill the eel fish with a special thick sweet sauce. You can also enjoy the way in which it is beautifully decorated.

Kanidesse-don (crab De~tsu not bowl)
1,780yen(tax included)

Let De' crab

We serve a bowl of rice with three pieces of thick crab fish fillet, and two claws. It is garnished with kani-miso(crab paste) and fresh raw scallops.

Today's special (Special bowl)
2,980yen(tax included)
Special 500 × 375

This is a special bowl of rice topped with Today’s fresh fish. Please feel free to ask us about it.

Funamori (ship prime)


Boat prime
Funamori Fish Dish is a specially decorated dish. The dish is served on a boat-shaped plate. Various fresh sashimi, raw sliced fish are dished up on that unique plate. You can choose whatever fish you like. Just let us know.

①Naturally, the seafood we serve comes fresh from the sea. The seafood we buy changes from day to day. Everything depends on the weather.
Therefore, unfortunately, we can not always serve you what you want.
② We aim to provide the best service we can for each and every customer. Since we prepare everything with the greatest of care, we apologize in advance for cases where you might not get served as quickly as you would expect.
③ We apologize in cases where we sell out of food which you wish to order.


  • Sushi depending on the season
  • Sliced fresh raw fish depending on the season
  • Grilled or Sizzled fish


・Beer Premium Malt’s(334ml) 300yen(tax included)
・Chuhai Spirit & soda(lemon flavor) Spirit & soda(grapefruit flavour) 200yen(tax included)
・ Japenese Sake (180ml) 300yen(tax included)
· Iizura(Japanese Sake) 300ml 900yen(tax included)
・I Love Fish(white wine) 720ml 1200yen(tax included)
↑ iizura(Japanese Sake)



Please feel free to contact us! TEL 06-6635-1938 Hours 9:00~18:00(Except Sundays and holidays)

Contact us by e-mail here.
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